Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maiden ride special

Alright, I hear you complain already "This post is way overdue man!" "Have you guys been slacking off?" "Are you messing up so bad you don't dare putting pictures up?"... a.s.o., a.s.o. ...
I know, I understand you, beloved inui fans, this must have been a long wait.
To apologize, this post is packed full of pics and you'll all get a sticker - once we are so popular we do get to print stickers ;)

Without further ado then, pics of Jeff's build outside of the workshop, rocking and rolling:

The handlebar and stem will soon be replaced by something a lot more elegant. Bars not decided on yet but lugged stem:

After a bit of surgery, trying to get that ovalized seat tube back to a more seatpost hugging shape (successfully) and grafting what was reusable from my old ride (basically just the wheels), my new bike is rolling too! And it rides like a dream! (I'm not blowing my own horn, this was a comment from a totally impartial first test rider :) )



I did mess up one thing though. The fork is good for recycling. I didn't really check the reach of the brake to start with, so they don't actually reach the rim. Which is a bummer when trying to brake. And I didn't drill the brake hole square which positions the whole caliper at an angle which it's not really intended to be at.
New parts are on order and hopefully I can build a new fork that works without altering the whole geometry of the bike...
Try, learn.

Cynthia's road bike is coming along too; it will have fastback seatstays like Jeff's (seat post clamping bolt going through the seatstays) so needs to have steel plugs machined to fit the stays and brazed in place before brazing the rear triangle in place. Pictures are probably easier to understand than words:

And as a side note, fillet brazing is a tricky art to master but we are getting there. Fillet brazed frame soon? Can't wait!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

#3 on the way

Cynthia's road bike

Ideal steel temperature for brazing is close to blood-red. Sometimes we need to remember exactly what that looks like :)

Friday night at the workshop... Doesn't mean one can't enjoy the good things in life!

Victor's track frame

Same steps as always: brazing...


...looking good!

inui forever!

Last piece of the puzzle