Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bending moment

Two months since the last post!...
It doesn't mean nothing has happened, just that we have been too busy to write. In fact, a lot has happened, Jeff is now officially a doctor - I just like to repeat that since he doesn't really give a damn, i think somebody should :) - , a front triangle has been welded, jigs of all kinds have been put together... We just didn't take any photos. Partly because I wasn't aware Jeff had started this blog, partly because bringing our DSLRs in a greasy workshop doesn't always seem like the best thing to do. So I've taken upon me to not think about the grease stains, the steel and aluminium milling dust and the potential scratches that will result in having a camera lie around in the workshop and document our endeavour into building our own bike frames.
And so will Jeff when my camera is broken :)

We just received a few parts from Ceeway and felt like it was time to bend some steel.

Looks like some modifications will be needed. Fork blades don't quite fit in the crowns and all fork ends are for raked forks. Mine will have straight blades so these (the ones with the eyelet) won't fit. I guess I'll save them for another frame...

Looks very crude, doesn't it? The difference in rake is within 0.4mm... Not so crude after all!

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