Friday, May 6, 2011

1 down, a lot to go!

If I have to be honest - which I don't, really but then why not... - I never thought building frames would be such a long process. In fact, I didn't really think about it and it was probably a good thing! When I came back from traveling and joined Jeff into this, he had built the jig, and we got the tubes end of January so why am I still riding a creaky fixie which bottom bracket and/or pedals might fall of at any time and Jeff his mountainbike which is just robbing him of half of the energy he puts into it with its uselessly big knobby tires and old derailleur???

Sometimes it's hard to see the end of it. But slowly we are getting there! Picture below to prove it.
Inui Cycles frame #1! It still needs clearing the BB threads and facing the shell and it's done! - And a nice coat of paint of course.

And frame #2 is in the jig. The front triangle is ready for welding, dry-fit looks pretty good.

And the rear triangle is coming along too. Unlike Jeff's frame, I will braze my dropouts instead of TIG welding them. This means a lot of filling by hand for the dropouts to fit perfectly in the stays. The result is not too bad but sometimes it's ok to blame ones tools; this needle file is S**T!!!

We recently got hold of a second hand oxy-acetylene kit, which we were really proud to add to our growing set of tools, just to realise that the acetylene regulator was dead... Since we're cheap/poor/clever/handy, we'll fix it instead of buying a new one :) Turns out this thing is pretty much empty apart from a couple of springs and a rubber diaphragm. So we have to find a way to measure spring stiffness with what we have lying around in the shop, get a new spring, screw everything back together and you should have some nice pics of us and 20cm long flames, trying to make 2 bits of metal hold together!
Stay tuned!

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