Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finishing touches here, starting ones there

I did a mistake last time when writing Jeff just had to clear his BB shell, face it and paint. Making sure he can put a saddle on the bike is probably a good idea too... So in addition to the above, still on the to-do list are: cut a slot in the seat tube, drill and tap the tightening bolt's seat and ream the seat tube. And the head tube too while we're at it.

And then it's done! - Well, he'll still need a fork in fact. See?? It never ends! :)

So here are a few pictures of Jeff checking frame alignment and drilling the seat stays. Note to one self: drill bits don't like welds it seems - Cut slot first!

As for my frame, it's looking good! Jeff's TIG welding skills are getting close to acceptable ;) and these welds look pretty decent!
I still suck at welding so I don't even dare approaching the TIG torch to my own frame (I'd rather blame Jeff :D). I'll get a full tank of argon when I find some cash lying around and just empty it on cut-offs for practice before I get down to the real thing. But I'll get there too!

I feel like I've been filling a LOT these days! Chain stays, seat stays and now fork blades and fork crown! It looks good though and it fits really nice and tight.
I'm just scared that after measuring probably 4 times, I still managed to cut the blades a little too short... Either that or the crown and steerer tube moved in the jig and I forgot to re-check that... Fingers crossed it's the latter!

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